All Natural Ingredients

The people behind Manitou Trading Company believe that “natural” means something important. When we say our food is “all natural” we aren’t using it as a marketing term—we simply mean that our products contain only the sort of genuine ingredients you could grow on your own. We don’t try to make them prettier with artificial colors, change the way they taste with fake flavors, treat them with artificial preservatives or modify them in any other way.

We are committed to providing you and your family with exactly the sort of all-natural food we serve our own families, the sort of all-natural foods families have shared for as long as there have been families. We believe that all-natural food is better for everyone involved, from the farmers who grow the ingredients we use to make Manitou Trading Company foods to the people who get to enjoy eating them.

Our commitment starts with a professional approach to quality and safety. We have carefully, thoughtfully designed our products and the processes we use to make them with the goal of ensuring the highest quality for our customers.


Careful Sourcing

We carefully source the ingredients we use from people as committed to quality and food safety as we are. We also follow the best practices for food producers as outlined in the Global Food Safety Initiative, and we insist that everyone involved in producing our foods follow GFSI standards, too. We expect the best from everyone who contributes to Manitou Trading Company, from the farmers in the fields who grow our raw ingredients to the companies who make the packages in which we wrap our products. We even send our Quality Assurance team around the world to inspect our suppliers’ facilities to verify that everything is as it should be.


Thoughtful Processing

Our Quality Assurance team keeps busy at our facilities, too. With their help we inspect every ingredient we receive, monitor every batch of Manitou Trading Company food we make and make sure everything we do is done they way we’d do it for ourselves. We even built a state-of-the-art food lab to make frequent monitoring easier and more consistent.

That lab is just a small part of our facilities in northeastern Illinois where we make all Manitou Trading Company foods. Having our own facilities means we have more control over the foods we make. It means we’ve actually been able to design the building where our products are made to separate any ingredients containing gluten, or allergens like egg or dairy products, from the rest of our goods.

We want to share the all-natural goodness of our Manitou Trading Company foods with as many people as possible. It is also why many of our products are gluten-free. While we tend to focus on the great things our products do contain, we know that the things they don’t contain are just as important.


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