Manitou Trading Company Packaging


Manitou Trading Company is committed to using only the highest quality, most flavorful, all natural ingredients to provide unique food choices through global sourcing and custom blending.

Many ancient civilizations believed in a spirit of nature that defined the essence of all things natural; a spirit that is born and grows within every living thing, that embraces and nurtures all that is new.

Our products have been the good ingredients for chefs and food manufacturers for years, and now we’re making them available to retailers to share with their consumers. Explore and delight your senses with natural tastes from around the globe, fused together in harmony and balance.


Manitou Trading Company GMO Free

We are passionate about finding the
most fascinating and delicious all natural and GMO free ingredients.

Manitou Trading Company Gluten Free

We are committed to bringing you
the highest quality, most flavorful gluten free products.

Manitou Trading Company All Natural

We search the globe for the highest-quality ingredients found in lush farms and fields.